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Our newest 4 hour water and wastewater CPE class, titled "Protecting & Maintaining Concrete & Steel Utility Surfaces," is now available! For 18 years you have turned to us for informative and intelligent courses and personal and responsive customer service. Our newest class follows that model. Coated surfaces and concrete are everywhere around us in utility plants--you need to know how to care for them!  We once again deliver the key insights, interesting aspects, important distinctions, and valuable understanding you've come to expect from a "D.R. Wanless" course! What's more, this course is very much like one of our classroom courses, containing numerous color photos alongside essential text.

This is NOT a Zoom or on-line class. Rather, we email you PDF documents to complete on your own schedule. You read the course on a PC monitor or tablet screen (or, if you must, print it out at your location, only that uses a pail of ink and a good bit of paper!). The course can NOT be completed comfortably on a phone. It may be helpful to print out the test questions and answer sheet to look at as you go through the slides. Once you study the material, simply answer the 30 multiple choice and T/F questions on the answer sheet, sign it, and send it back to us by scan to email, postal mail, or picture from your phone. (We're phasing out our creaky FAX machine, and please don't send all the question pages back!) Get at least 70% of the questions correct (21 or more of the 30), and we postal mail your completion certificate to you in a large white first-class envelope with actual stamps on it! Nothing to it! 

There are no dates and times to remember, sound or video quality issues, log-in links to keep, drop-off or access issues, "zoombombing" attacks, online security threats, bandwidth limitations, distracting interruptions, webcams or open microphones, faces to watch (and none to watch you!), listening in, or being tied to a computer and clock. Instead, read and review any parts you want, when you want, plus keep the course as a reference. Simply register as you normally would by calling Ronda, by using the add-to-cart & Paypal buttons at External link opens in new tab or window on our website (where you can see what other classes we offer), or by email to External link opens in new tab or  The simpler you do things, the easier it works! The 4 CPE hour class is $89 per person. Payment is required at time of order by check, credit card, or PO number. Regrettably, there can be no refunds or credits if for some reason you don't complete the class.

On your signed answer sheet we must have your individual email address, home mailing address, and a working phone number to reach and identify you. In accordance with operator licensing regulations, you agree to complete the course yourself, and not to reproduce or forward its content for use by others. Be aware that no copies of this course are authorized, nor have any licenses or permissions to use, adapt, or present it been given to, any other CPE provider in Virginia or elsewhere. Please bring any piracy of this course to our attention.

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Disclaimer: Information contained in this and other D.R. Wanless & Associates courses has been obtained by Dennis R. Wanless from personal communications, personal knowledge, and/or various published sources (cited in the particular course) deemed to be reliable and authoritative. Course information is presented in good faith, with the goal of providing useful and accurate content, however, neither Dennis R. Wanless and Associates LLC nor any contributing source guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any material appearing herein, and shall not be held liable or responsible for any errors, omissions, injuries, loss or damages possibly arising out of use of or reliance on the information provided. The authors and/or publishers of works from which excerpts appear in any particular course are not responsible for any inaccuracies of the text or quotations used, or for false implications that may arise by reason of separation of the excerpts from their original works and context. CPE presentations are developed and presented with the understanding that the author is providing information, and not attempting to render medical, legal, engineering, or any other professional service(s), for which requirement the assistance of the appropriate professional(s) should be obtained. Mention or depiction of manufacturers, trade names, or commercial products or services is made for illustration or description only, does not constitute endorsement or recommendation for use or selection, and should not be construed as authorizing trademark, copyright, or patent infringement. In addition, as older “gray literature” and legacy reference documents are used in course development, the user of this information should not assume that all presentation content reflects current uses, applications, scientific knowledge, practices, procedures, policies, or federal or state statutory or regulatory requirements. Students of CPE courses are advised to independently check, confirm, and verify any and all information on which decisions are to be made.