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Since launching his own business in 2003, Dennis Wanless has researched, written, and presented over 55 different class topics at dozens of locations throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is the author of the reference book Drinking Water Treatment - Principles & Insights, see reviews:  External link opens in new tab or window, and External link opens in new tab or window a water plant operator himself, Wanless has held a Class 1 "A" Virginia waterworks operator's license since 1994, once held a Florida Class C, and has operated in surface and groundwater treatment plants from 0.1 to 100 MGD capacity dating back to 1984. He is an over 30-year member of the Virginia section AWWA. Until starting his own business 19 years ago, he worked as a training manager and regional sales representative for a utility supplies company, developing and presenting seminars at numerous locations in Virginia and North Carolina. Over the three decades since 1988 he has operated plants, worked as a training program specialist, groundwater technician, magazine editor, and circuit rider for two state rural water associations, and written and published Water Publications Digest TM, a monthly summary of articles that first appeared in water trade and technical journals.  Wanless attended Drew University in Madison, New Jersey.              336-538-2262;