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When will you have a new class schedule for on-site classes?

Thank you for your question, we appreciate your interest! While on the surface it would appear that restrictions concerning our in-person classes have eased, little has in fact changed.  Our meeting venues remain strained, the state’s mask requirements are interpreted differently by different locales, physical distancing is still to be maintained, relevant signage is still to be posted, and so on. In addition, local governments and utility organizations may continue to adhere to restrictive policies they have adopted under the Commonwealth’s continued “Safer at Home” strategy (for example, policies limiting travel or the number of employees that may attend classes). Moreover, we cannot as a business enforce or “police” the government's orders with respect to any of the applicable Guidelines for All Business Sectors still in effect. It is not our place to sanitize facilities, determine vaccination status, insist people wear masks, or question why someone is not wearing a mask. Finally, state restrictions may be reimplemented at any moment in the future, particularly if the infection "metrics" monitored by the state health department are deemed to be moving in the wrong direction.  Because of these facts, to conduct live classes at this time would only open us to, first, concerns, complaints, and other actions from attendees dissatisfied with the class environment, or anxious that it may result in illnesses, and second, to rescheduling requests, cancellations, refunds, and so on. We are sorry, only it must be recognized that the response of governments at all levels to coronavirus has changed the landscape.

Dennis Wanless